Saturday, October 9, 2010

More practice, more practice...

Here're two new sketches. I couldn't get the space-girl proportions quite right - damn! - so I gave her a giant spider-robot to cheer her up.


  1. holy beegeebies laurent! you gotta get these i your shop asap for me to buy anette a pressie (and one for me too!)

    that robot looks curiously similar to one of my students' (sebastian antonsen) robot film - how dare i say robot film!!
    you'll love from 01:30 that your concept is washing the windows of our school ;)

    don't forget to get those drawings in your shop if dream works releases them?!

  2. Hi Paul ! - well, I assume this is you :)
    That student work is really sweet and you're right, there's a spider-robot in there too !
    All of those drawings are mine, just one of my hobby, really. Sadly I'm not allowed to sell anything yet (long story) but I'd be delighted to send you hi-res images if you want.
    Take care mate !!! Yo !